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Why a consumer should arrange their own report by a certified floor covering inspector:


All manufacturers will authorize an inspection if the quality of their product is in question. When a claim is requested by a manufacturer, most will state to inspect only the issues requested in the claim which are usually manufacturer issues only. The manufacturer only cares that the problem is not theirs, site-related or installation issues do not matter to the manufacturer.


It is the inspector’s obligation to abide by the manufacturer's request. The inspector will only address the issues requested in the claim. No other issues will be addressed even if the issues would result in the replacement of the flooring.


It is not the manfacturer's responsibility or obligation to document the cause of the failure, but only to eliminate manufacturing as the cause of the failure. Below is a typical report from a manufacture sent to a dealer after reviewing a certified inspector’s report that they had commissioned.


By arranging your own inspection with a certified inspector you can be sure that a full inspection will be done of your flooring. This will ensure that all aspects of defects will be determined whether it is from the manufacturer or from the installer.